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Realizing Rights—Medical Care in General 

Realizing Rights—Medical Care in General
Realizing Rights—Medical Care in General
Medical Experimentation: Personal Integrity and Social Policy: New Edition

Charles Fried

, Franklin Miller

, and Alan Wertheimer


In a world of scarcity, personal care for some may mean less than personal care or no care at all for others. Also, personal care may exclude medical research that would result in preventing suffering and waste of resources on ineffective remedies. Some way must be found to adjust these competing interests. Indeed, whether or not we attend deliberately to the social effects of what we do in providing personal care, those effects will still be there. This chapter brings the general concepts of the previous chapter to bear on the particular in situational structures of the health care system: primary care, the hospital or other delivery system, and the overarching governmental entity. Actors at each level have their distinct obligations in a well-functioning democracy that respects individual rights.

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