Population Health Science

Population Health Science

Katherine M. Keyes and Sandro Galea

Print publication date: Jun 2016

ISBN: 9780190459376

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Population health science is the study of the conditions that shape distributions of health within and across populations, and of the mechanisms through which these conditions manifest as the health of individuals. It is an emerging discipline, in the process of solidifying a theoretical framework and cannon of methods. In this textbook, nine principles of population health science are articulated. In addition, across 13 chapters, a detailed examination of these principles and their implications for the formation of theory, hypotheses, and data analysis to frame and inform the values with which population scientists conduct work are provided. The health challenges that place burdens on populations and individuals continue to require rigorous scientific effort; this book is a tool for both educators and researchers to use as a foundation for conducting research that will improve communities and shape health in the coming decades.