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Lumbar Radicular Pain 

Lumbar Radicular Pain
Lumbar Radicular Pain
Neuropathic Pain: A Case-Based Approach to Practical Management

Varun Rimmalapudi

, and Radhika Grandhe


This chapter addresses lumbar radicular pain, which is pain that can be attributed to a lesion affecting fibers of a spinal nerve, the nerve root, or the dorsal root ganglia. Causes of radicular pain are diverse and may include mechanical causes such as herniated intervertebral discs and lumbar foraminal stenosis or systemic causes such as diabetic neuropathy and lupus. A thorough history and meticulous examination are necessary to delineate the involved nerve root and to rule out other conditions. Imaging modalities must be judiciously used to determine the site of compression. Management may start with noninvasive management measures, including physical therapy and medications. It should be guided by patient response, progression of symptoms, and the natural progression of disease.

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