Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics

Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics

Robert M. Veatch, Amy Haddad, and E.J. Last

Print publication date: Apr 2017

ISBN: 9780190277000

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The third edition of Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics presents a comprehensive series of cases faced by pharmacists that raise ethical issues, with chapters arranged in a manner that simultaneously presents the topics that would be covered in a course on ethical theory. After an introduction, the book is divided into three parts. The introduction takes up four basic issues in ethical theory: the source, meaning, and justification of ethical claims; the two major ways of determining if acts are morally right; how moral rules apply to specific situations; and what ought to be done in specific cases. Part I deals with conceptual issues. Chapter 1 presents a five-step model the pharmacist can use for ethical problem solving. Chapter 2 addresses identification of value judgments in pharmacy and separation of ethical from nonethical value judgments. Chapter 3 looks at where the pharmacist should turn to find the source of ethical judgments. Part II presents cases organized around the major principles of ethics: beneficence and nonmaleficence, justice and the allocation of resources, autonomy, veracity (dealing honestly with patients), fidelity (including confidentiality), and avoidance of killing. Part III presents cases organized around topics that present ethical controversy: abortion, sterilization, and contraception; genetics and birth technologies; and mental health and behavior control. The remaining chapters cover drug formularies and drug distribution systems; health insurance, health system planning, and rationing; pharmaceutical research; consent to drug therapies; and terminally ill patients. The book includes links to professional codes of ethics and a glossary.