Interventional RadiologyFundamentals of Clinical Practice

Interventional RadiologyFundamentals of Clinical Practice

Bradley B. Pua, Anne M. Covey, and David C. Madoff

Print publication date: Oct 2018

ISBN: 9780190276249

Publisher: Oxford University Press


In 2012, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) approved Interventional Radiology (IR) as its own specialty. Born out of the field of Diagnostic Radiology, IR requires a more clinical focus on initial consultation and post-procedural management, rather than its previous role of performing image-guided procedures. Interventional Radiology: Fundamentals of Clinical Practice is written with this new focus in mind to help readers incorporate their procedural knowledge into a holistic approach of patient management. Chapters explore topics across a broad spectrum of IR, with a focus on etiology and pathophysiology of disease, followed by discussions on intra-procedural and post-procedural management. Numerous tables and boxes, and over 420 total figures complement chapter content. This comprehensive text is a must-have text for IR residents and reference for all practicing interventional radiologists.

Table of Contents