Are Workarounds Ethical?Managing Moral Problems in Health Care Systems

Are Workarounds Ethical?Managing Moral Problems in Health Care Systems

Nancy Berlinger

Print publication date: Dec 2015

ISBN: 9780190269296

Publisher: Oxford University Press


How work gets done in complex health care systems is ethically important. When health care professionals and other staff experience moral uncertainty or distress in their own work and improvise remedies to manage these problems, this has potential consequences for patients, families, colleagues, and the system itself. This book argues that health care ethics in complex and changing health care systems should reflect the moral complexity of health care work, analyze common ethical challenges with reference to behaviors and pressures driven by the system itself, and support opportunities for health care workers at all levels to reflect on the problems they face and to take part in social change. The book’s chapters include frameworks for looking at ethical challenges in health care as problems of safety and harm with consequences for patients. The book is designed to support clinician education in medicine, nursing, and interdisciplinary contexts and to be accessible to readers without formal training in health care ethics. It includes extensive practical suggestions, including a full chapter on recommended practices, and is supported by an index.