Deep Brain Stimulation ProgrammingMechanisms, Principles and Practice

Deep Brain Stimulation ProgrammingMechanisms, Principles and Practice

Erwin B Montgomery, Jr

Print publication date: Oct 2016

ISBN: 9780190259600

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This second edition of the book continues the basic premise that a thorough knowledge of the mechanisms by which neurons respond to electrical stimulation, how to control the stimulation and the regional anatomy allows the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) programmer to effectively and efficiently help patients reach optimal control of their disorder. There are a great many variables that influence the patient’s response to DBS, such as the exact nature of the patient’s individual symptoms and disabilities and the variability of the surgical placement of stimulating leads. The complexity has expanded because rapid increases in technology, both current and anticipated. The book makes no assumptions as to the prior knowledge or expertise. As the brain fundamentally is an electrical device, the book begins explaining the relevant electronics, building a nearly intuitive knowledge of how electrons are affected by electrical and magnetic forces and how the actions of the programmer controls electrical charges that ultimately activate neurons, which themselves are electrical devices.