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The Use of Antipsychotics in PTSD 

The Use of Antipsychotics in PTSD
The Use of Antipsychotics in PTSD
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Henry A. Nasrallah

, and Priyanka Sarihan


Psychosis is one of the manifestations of the post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD) syndrome. Several controlled and uncontrolled trials have been published about the efficacy and safety of second-generation antipsychotic drugs in PTSD. In this chapter, we review the various studies and provide data related to the management of psychotic symptoms in the context of PTSD. Most second-generation antipsychotic agents exert efficacy in PTSD, with varying degrees of tolerability and safety. In many cases, they may be used in combination with other medications targeting depression and anxiety, the most common symptom clusters in PTSD.

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