Essentials of Hospital Neurology

Essentials of Hospital Neurology

Karl E. Misulis and E. Lee Murray

Print publication date: Apr 2017

ISBN: 9780190259419

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Essentials of Hospital Neurology is a practical yet concise guide to diagnosis and management of disorders commonly encountered in hospital practice. The book begins with a discussion of the business of hospital neurology, including strategies for optimizing quality and efficiency of the practice. Next is a problem-oriented approach to diagnosis, starting with chief complaint then discussing differential diagnosis and approach to definitive diagnosis. The subsequent section describes key clinical details of important neurologic conditions seen in hospital practice, including primary neurologic disorders and neurologic complications encountered in medical and surgical patients with a focus on practical management. The text concludes with a reference section which includes important assessment scales, interpretation of neurologic diagnostic tests, guides to management of social and ethical issues in hospital practice, as well as a list of important citations. Details not directly pertinent to practice are left to other texts. This book is an excellent core source for the neurologist with any level of hospital practice. This is also a solid resource for internists and mid-level providers who care for neurologic patients in the hospital setting. Multiple authors have contributed to this book, yet the editors have contributed to and coordinated every chapter, providing a consistent approach in content and depth.