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Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy for Ovarian Cancer 

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy for Ovarian Cancer
Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy for Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy

Caitlin Stashwick

, Brian J. Czerniecki

, and Janos L. Tanyi


Dendritic cell vaccine therapy has emerged as an exciting new field in immunotherapy in ovarian cancer over the past two decades. This chapter reviews the biology of dendritic cells, including dendritic cell subsets, development, activation, and maturation as well as strategies for clinical use of dendritic cell vaccines. While there is encouraging data in preclinical work for dendritic cell vaccine, the outcomes of clinical trials have not shown robust responses. A summary of the clinical trials using dendritic cell vaccines in ovarian cancer is reviewed. Treatment-related toxicities and potential therapies to increase clinical efficacy are also discussed.

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