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Antibody-Based Therapy for Ovarian Cancer 

Antibody-Based Therapy for Ovarian Cancer
Antibody-Based Therapy for Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy

Yousef Alharbi

, Manish S. Patankar

, and Rebecca J. Whelan


With their role in connecting disease-associated antigens to the cellular immune response, antibodies hold considerable promise as therapeutic agents. This chapter discusses three classes of therapeutic antibodies that have been developed for use in ovarian cancer therapy. The first includes antibodies selected against tumor-associated antigens such as MUC16/CA125, mesothelin, epithelial cell adhesion molecule, and folate receptor α‎. Antibodies in the second class target proteins such as CTLA-4 and PD1 that act as immune response checkpoint receptors. The third class of antibodies target secreted factors that promote tumor growth: targets in this class include vascular endothelial growth factor, cytokines, and chemokines. The development of each of these is described. The chapter also discusses the complications presented by soluble antigens, which serve to limit the applicability of antigens (such as MUC16/CA125) that are both cell-surface associated and circulating and the prospects for the combination of antibody-based immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

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