Social Aspects of Care

Social Aspects of Care

Nessa Coyle and Betty R. Ferrell

Print publication date: Nov 2015

ISBN: 9780190244132

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The fifth volume in the HPNA Palliative Nursing Manuals is focused on the social aspects of care. Illness is incorporated into every aspect of family life, and there is a mutual influence between illness and the family. Family and illness can be seen as a biopsychosocial model—the fit between family strengths and vulnerabilities in relation to the psychosocial demands over time of the illness. High caregiver burden and financial stress and fatigue are common. The family is living in the face of actual and anticipatory losses associated with the illness, disability (cognitive and physical), suffering, and eventual death. The family needs information on what to expect, and support and encouragement on how to care for themselves, as they navigate a progressive terminal illness. In this way they can, in turn, take care of their loved one. The chapters in this volume provide information on how to support families in palliative care; cultural considerations important in end-of-life care; sexuality and the impact of illness; planning for the actual death; and bereavement. These are part of the social aspects of palliative care.