Integrative Preventive Medicine

Integrative Preventive Medicine

Richard H. Carmona and Mark Liponis

Print publication date: Nov 2017

ISBN: 9780190241254

Publisher: Oxford University Press


As the preventable disease and economic burden continues to mount for the United States and the world, it is becoming apparent that embracing prevention strategies is essential. Simply continuing on the same course and infrastructure will not suffice. The future we will leave our children is unsustainable without change. Amid all the partisan political chaos, integrative preventive medicine (IPM) practices are strongly entering the public consciousness, as many are dissatisfied with their traditional health (sick) care delivery systems and the scientific validity of IPM is increasing rapidly. This IPM textbook brings together the science of IPM so that health practitioners have a ready reference containing practices that can delay or prevent disease, decrease cost of care. and improve the quality of life. It is divided into three sections, “Public Health and Evolving Science in IPM,” “Multidisciplinary Nature of IPM.” and “The IPM Approach of Selected Clinical Problems,” providing a continuum of IPM from basic science to clinical science to practical application.

Table of Contents