The Neurologic ExaminationScientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis

The Neurologic ExaminationScientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis

Hiroshi Shibasaki and Mark Hallett

Print publication date: Jun 2016

ISBN: 9780190240974

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Neurologic Examination: Scientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis aims to provide a bridge from basic neuroscience such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and molecular biology to clinical symptomatology. In contrast with most of the previously published books of clinical neurology, which are disease- or anatomy-oriented, this book is organized in terms of functional anatomy of the nervous system, containing more than 150 illustrations and 30 tables. In spite of recent advances in laboratory testing including electrophysiology and neuroimaging, the correct interpretation of symptoms and signs based on modern scientific knowledge is of utmost importance in the diagnosis of neurologic diseases. For this purpose, the importance of careful history taking and physical examination is emphasized, and chapters are arranged in the order of actual steps of neurologic examination. Furthermore, about 100 boxes are attached in order to discuss some specific topics of current interest and clinical issues that the authors have been particularly interested in. As for references, the relevant literature for each chapter has been updated to 2015. For historical case reports of diseases that are often called by the names of authors, the original publication was reviewed and cited. Use of medical terminology was carefully evaluated and explained as necessary. The primary audience of this book is neurology residents and registrars, but it is hoped to be also useful for neurologists in general practice, pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, physical therapists, technicians of clinical neurophysiology and neuroimaging, and medical students.