Niedermeyer's ElectroencephalographyBasic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields

Niedermeyer's ElectroencephalographyBasic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields

Donald L. Schomer and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva

Print publication date: Nov 2017

ISBN: 9780190228484

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book deals with the field of Electroencephalography in the widest possible sense, from the cellular foundations of the electric activities of the brain to a vast number of clinical applications. The basic science sections were up-dated to include advanced computer modeling approaches. The chapters on normal and pathological EEG findings in premature infants, newborns and children were thoroughly revised to keep up with the advances that have taken place recently in studying brain developmental issues. Major advances have taken place in neurophysiological findings in a variety of neurodegenerative disorders, which led to thoroughly revised chapters. Other rapidly changing subjects related to EEG recording/monitoring in ICU's, EMUs, and operating rooms, in patients with epilepsy, head injuries, infectious disorders and those undergoing surgical procedures, led to radically updating a number of chapters and to the addition of a chapter dedicated to invasive recordings for the treatment of patients with movement disorders. A previously missing chapter on the neurophysiology of myoclonus was added. Chapters that deal with automated EEG interpretation techniques and with standardizing EEG reporting using ILAE/IFCN approved terminology, were also added. Many chapters in the on-line version of the book will have the ability to link to a database of over 150 complete EEGs that cover the scope seen in a general EEG Lab. This link will allow the reader to manipulate the EEG display parameters as if they were in their own lab, generate a report and compare it to one generated by a panel of senior EEGers.

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