Prevention, Policy, and Public Health

Prevention, Policy, and Public Health

Amy A. Eyler, Jamie F. Chriqui, Sarah Moreland-Russell, and Ross C. Brownson

Print publication date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9780190224653

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Looking back over the last century, one can find numerous examples of how policies have been a powerful tool for improving public health. In fact, some sort of policy action facilitated every one of the top 10 public health achievements of the last century. Early sanitation and clean water policies made huge strides in disease prevention. More recently, motor vehicle safety laws and smoke-free policies impacted the health and well-being of several generations. Although policies are extremely important to public health, professionals are often unprepared to plan, apply, or study policy. Prevention, Policy, and Public Health provides a basic foundation for students, professionals, and researchers to gain skills to be more effective in the policy arena. It offers information on the dynamics of the policymaking process, theoretical frameworks, analysis, and policy applications. It also describes shaping policies through advocacy and communication. Professionals and researchers who understand the dimensions of policy can conduct more realistic research and evaluation. They also are better prepared for opportunities and limitations within government. With current pressure to implement strategies for broad and sustainable public health improvements, policies are more important than ever. This book can be considered a primer to truly understanding the connections among prevention, policy, and public health.