Handbook of Child and Adolescent Tuberculosis

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Tuberculosis

Jeffrey R. Starke and Peter R. Donald

Print publication date: Dec 2015

ISBN: 9780190220891

Publisher: Oxford University Press


While there have been a large number of recent textbooks dealing with tuberculosis in adults, usually with minimal or no content relevant to pediatrics, and there have been several textbooks on childhood tuberculosis with distribution limited mostly to India and South Africa, there has not been a widely distributed book on childhood tuberculosis since 1963. We have assembled a group of internationally recognized clinicians, researchers and authors to create a modern handbook of childhood tuberculosis. This book covers all aspects of childhood tuberculosis including: the natural history of childhood tuberculosis and the history of its scientific study; microbiology and laboratory testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis; epidemiology; clinical and radiographic presentations of intra- and extra-thoracic tuberculosis; diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis infection; diagnosis and treatment of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant tuberculosis disease; management of tuberculosis in newborns, adolescents and children with HIV infection; BCG vaccines; public health and infection control aspects of childhood tuberculosis; and the World Health Organization Roadmap for Childhood Tuberculosis. We highlight those aspects of tuberculosis that are unique to children and adolescents and principles that have practical applications through the use of algorithms, figures and tables to emphasize key points and encourage standardization of practice, when possible. This book is intended for use by clinicians, researchers and policy makers to ensure that the needs of children and adolescents with tuberculosis are met throughout the world.