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Focal Cognitive Syndromesa 

Focal Cognitive Syndromesa
Focal Cognitive Syndromesa
Mayo Clinic Neurology Board Review

Richard J. Caselli


The neurologic results of cortical lesions reflect the structural properties of the affected region. Lesions affecting primary sensorimotor cortices result in primary sensorimotor deficits that are qualitatively all-or-nothing, such as blindness (hemianopia) and paralysis (hemiparesis). Quantitatively, though, the severity of the deficit depends on the extent of the lesion (so that a hemiparetic patient may not be completely paralyzed but simply weak). Lesions affecting modality-specific association regions result in conceptually more complex disorders that are confined to a single modality, such as nonfluent aphasia or prosopagnosia. This chapter reviews clinical cortical syndromes.

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