Yale Textbook of Public Psychiatry

Yale Textbook of Public Psychiatry

Selby Jacobs and Jeanne Steiner

Print publication date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9780190214678

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Yale Textbook of Public Psychiatry is a comprehensive resource on the treatment, rehabilitation, recovery, and public health of persons cared for in organized, publicly funded systems of care. Edited and authored by experts in public psychiatry at the Yale Department of Psychiatry, this text provides up-to-date information on services in the public sector. Among the important topics covered are health care reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ongoing efforts to develop clinical competency through educational development, integrated care that encompasses both the physical and medical health care needs of patients, a growing insistence on person-centered and recovery-oriented mental health care, and an interdisciplinary team perspective to better implement integrated, cost-effective, person-centered care. Throughout the text, the examples of the Connecticut Mental Health Center and its various outreach programs and collaborative efforts with both public and academic partners are used to illustrate the successful implementation of the issues discussed in this textbook. This book will be a useful reference for professionals and students of public psychiatry, administrators, and policy-makers.