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Cognitive Enhancement in Bipolar Disorder 

Cognitive Enhancement in Bipolar Disorder
Cognitive Enhancement in Bipolar Disorder
Cognitive Enhancement in CNS Disorders and Beyond

Katie Mahon

, Manuela Russo

, and M. Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez


Neurocognitive deficits are acknowledged as integral features of bipolar disorder (BD) and are known to contribute to the compromised level of functioning in individuals with BD. This chapter provides an overview of the current state of cognitive enhancement in BD. Few pharmacological agents have been investigated with regard to their potential for pro-cognitive effects in BD. Dopaminergic agents (pramipexole) and stimulants (modafinil, armodafinil, and amphetamine) as adjunctive treatment in BD appear to be promising cognitive enhancers, and there are few ongoing randomized clinical trials targeting both cognitive dysfunctions and clinical symptomatology in BD. Glutamatergic agents (d-cycloserine) may hold promise as potential cognitive enhancing agents in BD; however, as for dopaminergic agents and stimulants, no conclusive data exist. Larger samples and longer follow-up are needed to obtain a deep understanding of the efficacy and safety of these compounds and their role in the neurobiological mechanisms underpinning cognition in BD.

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