Clinical Acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine

Clinical Acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine

Jingduan Yang and Daniel A. Monti

Print publication date: Sep 2017

ISBN: 9780190210052

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Clinical Acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine provides health care professionals interested in learning or practicing acupuncture the essential theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine on which an effective acupuncture therapy must be based. It describes in detail the human energetic anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and etiology for both mental and physical functions of children, men, women, and the elderly. It offers a step-by-step algorithm for diagnosing physical or mental ailments with diagnostic techniques and formulation processes and treating them with effective strategies, plans, and acupuncture techniques. Clinical Acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine also presents acupuncture as an energy medicine, in contrast to modern medicine, which is a more biochemically and structurally based medicine. Both are integral parts in the spectrum of human medicine, more complementary than alternative to each other. This book helps readers to study and practice acupuncture as part of their continued medical education (CME) and as a natural expansion of their practice to provide additional care for their patients at the energetic level at which a majority of ailments lay. The content is organized in a way that parallels modern medicine so readers can more easily relate and understand concepts that may be otherwise foreign to them. This book describes human health with the belief that a human being is essentially an energetic being and that the interaction of human energy with the energy of nature and the universe is critical to maintaining a healthy life. It provides useful contents for self-care and the ancient practice of life cultivation.