Mayo Clinic Medical NeurosciencesOrganized by Neurologic System and Level

Mayo Clinic Medical NeurosciencesOrganized by Neurologic System and Level

Eduardo E. Benarroch, Jeremy K. Cutsforth-Gregory, and Kelly D. Flemming

Print publication date: Nov 2017

ISBN: 9780190209407

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This text is intended to serve as an effective foundation on which to build knowledge in the classroom and at the bedside. Chapters have been ordered to improve the integration of neurochemistry and neuropharmacology with our understanding of the nervous system and to facilitate student grasp of the large sections of knowledge. Major sections are devoted to gross anatomy. The format of each chapter consists of Objectives, Introduction, Overview, and text. Clinical problems have been integrated into the text for self assessment. Detailed additional information has been identified in each chapter for those with a desire to go beyond general knowledge. The need to present the vast array of current knowledge of the nervous system required diagrams of anatomy and histology, including magnetic resonance and computed tomographic images to correlate with basic anatomy. Many concepts are clarified further with figures and the abundant use of color throughout. Sections address the neurologic examination and common disorders for systems and levels, including immunologic and genetic neurologic disorders.