Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology

Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology

Andrea C. Adams

Print publication date: Feb 2018

ISBN: 9780190206895

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology, Second Edition, is designed to provide clinicians the necessary neurologic information for the diagnosis and management of these common neurologic problems. This book will be useful to all clinicians who evaluate patients who have neurologic problems. It will also be useful to medical students and residents in neurology, internal medicine, and psychiatry. The book also will be helpful to paramedical personnel who need a concise source of information on outpatient neurologic practice. The book addresses 3 main areas: the neurologic examination and diagnostic testing, common neurologic symptoms, and common neurologic diseases. Neurology is a rapidly changing specialty, with an increasing number of therapeutic options available for managing neurologic disease. Neurologic symptoms such as headache, backache, and dizziness are frequent complaints that cause patients to seek medical care.