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Astrocyte Neurotransmitter Uptake 

Astrocyte Neurotransmitter Uptake
Astrocyte Neurotransmitter Uptake
Neuroglia (2 ed.)

Raymond A. Swanson


The action of neurotransmitters can be terminated by cleavage, diffusion, binding, or cellular uptake. In some cases, uptake is accomplished by glial cells localized at or near the synapse. Glial cells express a variety of neurotransmitter uptake systems, and these systems play a fundamental role in both normal brain function and disease states. All types of glial cells—astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and microglia—can express transporters for neurotransmitter uptake. This chapter focuses on astrocyte glutamate uptake, which is the most fully characterized of the astrocyte neurotransmitter uptake systems.

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