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Astrocytes and Ependymal Glia 

Astrocytes and Ependymal Glia
Astrocytes and Ependymal Glia
Neuroglia (2 ed.)

Andreas Reichenbach

and Hartwig Wolburg


This chapter discusses astrocytes and ependymal glia. Macroglial cells, which comprise oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, and ependymoglial cells, may be classified according to the shapes and contacts of their cell processes. In contrast to oligodendrocytes, astroglial and ependymoglial cells are characterized by endfeet that contact a basal lamina around blood vessels and/or the pia mater or the vitreous body of the eye. Ependymoglial cells display a bipolar shape and additionally contact the ventricular surface (or the subretinal space). Astrocytes may be radially orientated but never contact the ventricular system.

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