ESC CardioMed Updates

July 9, 2019


Six chapters in ESC CardioMed have now been updated - you can find out what’s new by browsing the list below. Ten further chapters have been confirmed as up to date.

How can I get access to ESC CardioMed?

If you are a Fellow or Professional Member of the ESC, you will have access to ESC CardioMed as a membership benefit. Individual subscriptions can be purchased via the Oxford University Press website. ESC CardioMed is also available on subscription to institutions. You can recommend ESC CardioMed to your librarian using this form.

What's New?

Newly Updated:
Chapter 5.10 Oral diabetes treatments and cardiovascular disease
Chapter 5.12 Potassium binders
Chapter 18.3 Risk factor management at the level of the individual using lifestyle changes
Chapter 19.8 Diabetes and heart failure
Chapter 37.15 Co-morbidity (HFrEF and HFpEF): hypertension
Chapter 55.1 Cardiovascular adaptation to exercise and sport: (according to type of sport, gender, and ethnicity)
Confirmed up-to-date:
4.4 Regulation of blood pressure
5.2 Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists
10.9 Transesophageal, intraoperative and interventional echocardiography
11.8 Angiography
25.8 Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Cardiovascular Disease
26.2 Epidemiology of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease 
26.6 Prevention and definitive therapy of acute rheumatic fever 
33.7 Pericardial involvement in neoplastic disease 
37.24 HFrEF pharmacological treatment: ACEIs and/or ARBs 
62.1 Occupational risk factors for heart disease 
62.2 Regulations concerning individual risk and public safety