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NEW Sixth Edition: Oxford Textbook of Medicine

Established as a trustworthy resource in medicine for almost 40 years, it remains a firm favourite in the field of clinical medicine globally. This new edition has a completely new colourful page design. The content has increased by over 1,500 pages (now 4 volumes). There are 501 new authors, 96 completely new chapters, 629 chapters and 259 videos. New to this edition is also that anyone buying the print version will get access to the online version for five years.

You can access the 6th edition of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine through Oxford Medicine Online, which is available via subscription or perpetual access (one-time) title-by-title purchasing.

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Featured Article: Research in palliative care

In the palliative care setting, the effectiveness of many treatments has not yet been proven through rigorous clinical trials. The use of treatments is often based on evidence from less robust evidence with different patient populations, anecdotal evidence, and doctor preference. Read More >>

Palliative Care Chapter Collection

Our chapter collection demonstrates the types of treatment withdrawal available in palliative care to allow for the natural process of death and what can be done to allow for better quality of life for patients.

Explore here.

Featured Chapters:

Discontinuation of Life-Sustaining Therapies

Care of the Family

The terminal phase

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JANUARY 31, 2020

ESC CardioMed February Monthly Focus

Read about Takotsubo Syndrome in four free chapters from ESC CardioMed.

JANUARY 31, 2020

New Titles - January 2020

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