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Neurological disorders 

Neurological disorders
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    1. 24.1 Introduction and approach to the patient with neurological disease [link]

      Alastair Compston

    2. 24.2 Mind and brain: building bridges linking neurology, psychiatry, and psychology [link]

      A. Zeman

    3. 24.3 Clinical investigation of neurological disease [link]

      1. 24.3.1 Lumbar puncture [link]

        Roger A. Barker, Wendy Phillips, and R. Rhys Davies

      2. 24.3.2 Electrophysiology of the central and peripheral nervous systems [link]

        Christian Krarup

      3. 24.3.3 Imaging in neurological diseases [link]

        Andrew J. Molyneux, Shelley Renowden, and Marcus Bradley

      4. 24.3.4 Investigation of central motor pathways: magnetic brain stimulation [link]

        K.R. Mills

    4. 24.4 Higher cerebral function [link]

      1. 24.4.1 Disturbances of higher cerebral function [link]

        Peter J. Nestor and John R. Hodges

      2. 24.4.2 Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias [link]

        John R. Hodges

    5. 24.5 Epilepsy and disorders of consciousness [link]

      1. 24.5.1 Epilepsy in later childhood and adulthood [link]

        G.D. Perkin

      2. 24.5.2 Narcolepsy [link]

        David Parkes

      3. 24.5.3 Sleep disorders [link]

        Paul J. Reading

      4. 24.5.4 Syncope [link]

        A.J. Larner

      5. 24.5.5 The unconscious patient [link]

        David Bates

      6. 24.5.6 Brain death and the vegetative state [link]

        P.J. Hutchinson and J.D. Pickard

    6. 24.6 Disorders of the special senses [link]

      1. 24.6.1 Visual pathways [link]

        Christopher Kennard

      2. 24.6.2 Eye movements and balance [link]

        Michael Strupp and Thomas Brandt

      3. 24.6.3 Hearing [link]

        Linda M. Luxon

    7. 24.7 Disorders of movement [link]

      1. 24.7.1 Subcortical structures: the cerebellum, basal ganglia, and thalamus [link]

        Mark J. Edwards and Penelope Talelli

      2. 24.7.2 Parkinsonism and other extrapyramidal diseases [link]

        K. Ray Chaudhuri and Vinod K. Metta

      3. 24.7.3 Movement disorders other than Parkinson’s disease [link]

        Roger A. Barker and David J. Burn

      4. 24.7.4 Ataxic disorders [link]

        Nicholas Wood

    8. 24.8 Headache [link]

      Peter J. Goadsby

    9. 24.9 Brainstem syndromes [link]

      David Bates

    10. 24.10 Specific conditions affecting the central nervous system [link]

      1. 24.10.1 Stroke: cerebrovascular disease [link]

        J. van Gijn

      2. 24.10.2 Demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system [link]

        Siddharthan Chandran and Alastair Compston

      3. 24.10.3 Traumatic injuries to the head [link]

        Laurence Watkins and David G.T. Thomas

      4. 24.10.4 Intracranial tumours [link]

        Jeremy Rees

      5. 24.10.5 Idiopathic intracranial hypertension [link]

        N.F. Lawton

    11. 24.11 Infections of the central nervous system [link]

      1. 24.11.1 Bacterial infections [link]

        Diederik van de Beek, Jeremy Farrar, and Guy E. Thwaites

      2. 24.11.2 Viral infections [link]

        Jeremy Farrar, Bridgit Wills, Menno D. de Jong, and David A. Warrell

      3. 24.11.3 Intracranial abscesses [link]

        T.P. Lawrence and R.S.C. Kerr

      4. 24.11.4 Neurosyphilis and neuro-AIDS [link]

        Hadi Manji

      5. 24.11.5 Human prion diseases [link]

        R.G. Will

    12. 24.12 Disorders of cranial nerves [link]

      R.A.C. Hughes and P.K. Thomas

    13. 24.13 Disorders of the spinal cord

      1. 24.13.1 Diseases of the spinal cord [link]

        A.J. Larner

      2. 24.13.2 Spinal cord injury and its management [link]

        M.P. Barnes

    14. 24.14 Diseases of the autonomic nervous system [link]

      Christopher J. Mathias

    15. 24.15 The motor neuron diseases [link]

      Michael Donaghy

    16. 24.16 Diseases of the peripheral nerves [link]

      R.A.C. Hughes and P.K. Thomas

    17. 24.17 Inherited neurodegenerative diseases [link]

      Edwin H. Kolodny and Swati Sathe

    18. 24.18 Developmental abnormalities of the central nervous system [link]

      C.M. Verity, C. ffrench-Constant, and H.V. Firth

    19. 24.19 Acquired metabolic disorders and the nervous system [link]

      Neil Scolding and C.D. Marsden

    20. 24.20 Neurological complications of systemic disease [link]

      Neil Scolding

    21. 24.21 Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes [link]

      Jeremy Rees, Jerry Posner, and Angela Vincent

    22. 24.22 Autoimmune limbic encephalitis and Morvan’s syndrome [link]

      Camilla Buckley and Angela Vincent

    23. 24.23 Disorders of the neuromuscular junction [link]

      David Hilton-Jones and Jacqueline Palace

    24. 24.24 Disorders of muscle [link]

      1. 24.24.1 Structure and function of muscle [link]

        M.G. Hanna

      2. 24.24.2 Muscular dystrophy [link]

        K. Bushby

      3. 24.24.3 Myotonia [link]

        David Hilton-Jones

      4. 24.24.4 Metabolic and endocrine disorders [link]

        David Hilton-Jones and Richard Edwards

      5. 24.24.5 Mitochondrial encephalomyopathies [link]

        P.F. Chinnery and D.M. Turnbull

      6. 24.24.6 Primary (tropical) pyomyositis [link]

        David A. Warrell