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    1. 7.5.1 Respiratory tract viruses [link]

      Malik Peiris

    2. 7.5.2 Herpesviruses (excluding Epstein–Barr virus) [link]

      J.G.P. Sissons

    3. 7.5.3 Epstein–Barr virus [link]

      M.A. Epstein and A.B. Rickinson

    4. 7.5.4 Poxviruses [link]

      Geoffrey L. Smith

    5. 7.5.5 Mumps: epidemic parotitis [link]

      B.K. Rima

    6. 7.5.6 Measles [link]

      H.C. Whittle and P. Aaby

    7. 7.5.7 Nipah and Hendra virus encephalitides [link]

      C.T. Tan

    8. 7.5.8 Enterovirus infections [link]

      Philip Minor and Ulrich Desselberger

    9. 7.5.9 Virus infections causing diarrhoea and vomiting [link]

      Philip Dormitzer and Ulrich Desselberger

    10. 7.5.10 Rhabdoviruses: rabies and rabies-related lyssaviruses [link]

      M.J. Warrell and David A. Warrell

    11. 7.5.11 Colorado tick fever and other arthropod-borne reoviruses [link]

      M.J. Warrell and David A. Warrell

    12. 7.5.12 Alphaviruses [link]

      L.R. Petersen and D.J. Gubler

    13. 7.5.13 Rubella [link]

      P.A. Tookey and J.M. Best

    14. 7.5.14 Flaviviruses excluding dengue [link]

      L.R. Petersen and D.J. Gubler

    15. 7.5.15 Dengue [link]

      Bridget Wills and Jeremy Farrar

    16. 7.5.16 Bunyaviridae [link]

      J.W. LeDuc and Summerpal S. Kahlon

    17. 7.5.17 Arenaviruses [link]

      J. ter Meulen

    18. 7.5.18 Filoviruses [link]

      J. ter Meulen

    19. 7.5.19 Papillomaviruses and polyomaviruses [link]

      Raphael P. Viscidi and Keerti V. Shah

    20. 7.5.20 Parvovirus B19 [link]

      Kevin E. Brown

    21. 7.5.21 Hepatitis viruses (excluding hepatitis C virus) [link]

      N.V. Naoumov

    22. 7.5.22 Hepatitis C [link]

      Paul Klenerman, K.J.M. Jeffery, and J. Collier

    23. 7.5.23 HIV/AIDS [link]

      Graz A. Luzzi, T.E.A. Peto, P. Goulder, and C.P. Conlon

    24. 7.5.24 HIV in the developing world [link]

      Alison D. Grant and Kevin M. De Cock

    25. 7.5.25 HTLV-1, HTLV-2, and associated diseases [link]

      Kristien Verdonck and Eduardo Gotuzzo

    26. 7.5.26 Viruses and cancer [link]

      R.A. Weiss

    27. 7.5.27 Orf [link]

      David A. Warrell

    28. 7.5.28 Molluscum contagiosum [link]

      David A. Warrell

    29. 7.5.29 Newly discovered viruses [link]

      H.C. Hughes