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Metabolic disorders 

Metabolic disorders
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    1. 12.1 The inborn errors of metabolism: general aspects [link]

      Richard W.E. Watts and T.M. Cox

    2. 12.2 Protein-dependent inborn errors of metabolism [link]

      Georg F. Hoffmann and Stefan Kölker

    3. 12.3 Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism [link]

      1. 12.3.1 Glycogen storage diseases [link]

        Philip Lee and Kaustuv Bhattacharya

      2. 12.3.2 Inborn errors of fructose metabolism [link]

        T.M. Cox

      3. 12.3.3 Disorders of galactose, pentose, and pyruvate metabolism [link]

        T.M. Cox

    4. 12.4 Disorders of purine and pyrimidine metabolism [link]

      Richard W.E. Watts

    5. 12.5 The porphyrias [link]

      T.M. Cox

    6. 12.6 Lipid and lipoprotein disorders [link]

      P.N. Durrington

    7. 12.7 Trace metal disorders [link]

      1. 12.7.1 Hereditary haemochromatosis [link]

        William J.H. Griffiths and T.M. Cox

      2. 12.7.2 Inherited diseases of copper metabolism [link]

        Michael L. Schilsky and Pramod K. Mistry

    8. 12.8 Lysosomal disease [link]

      P.B. Deegan and T.M. Cox

    9. 12.9 Disorders of peroxisomal metabolism in adults [link]

      Anthony S. Wierzbicki

    10. 12.10 Hereditary disorders of oxalate metabolism—the primary hyperoxalurias [link]

      Christopher J. Danpure and Dawn S. Milliner

    11. 12.11 Disturbances of acid—base homeostasis [link]

      R.D. Cohen and H.F. Woods

    12. 12.12 The acute phase response, amyloidoses and familial Mediterranean fever [link]

      1. 12.12.1 The acute phase response and C-reactive protein [link]

        M.B. Pepys

      2. 12.12.2 Hereditary periodic fever syndromes and C-reactive protein [link]

        Helen J. Lachmann and Philip N. Hawkins

      3. 12.12.3 Amyloidosis [link]

        M.B. Pepys and Philip N. Hawkins

    13. 12.13 α‎1-Antitrypsin deficiency and the serpinopathies [link]

      David A. Lomas