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Note: Numbers in italic refer to tables and/or illustrations separate from the text.

Species names for animals, plants, fungi and insects are listed by their Latin names, followed by their common name where appropriate.

Eagle effect [link]
Eale’s disease [link]
Early Breast Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative Group [link]
earthquakes [link], [link]
Eastern equine encephalitis [link], [link]
eating disorders [link]
atypical [link]
classification and diagnosis [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
development and course [link]
epidemiology [link]
management [link]
medical complications [link], [link]
neurobiological findings [link]
pathogenesis [link], [link]
genetic factors [link]
prevention [link]
see also individual disorders
Ebola virus see filoviruses
EBP50, [link]
ebrotidine, adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
Ebstein’s anomaly [link], [link]
associated abnormalities [link]
clinical presentation [link]
investigations [link], [link]
physical signs [link]
treatment [link]
e-cadherin [link]
ecarin [link]
eccrine gland disorders [link]
hyperhidrosis [link], [link]
hypohidrosis/anhidrosis [link]
miliaria [link]
ECG [link]
acute coronary syndromes [link], [link], [link], [link]
role of [link]
triage [link]
acute respiratory failure [link]
ambulatory [link]
aortic dissection [link]
aortic regurgitation [link]
aortic stenosis [link]
arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy [link], [link]
atrial hypertrophy [link], [link][link]
atrioventricular block [link]
cardiac arrhythmias [link], [link]
coronary heart disease [link]
dilated cardiomyopathy [link]
errors in interpretation [link]
exercise testing [link], [link]
cardiovascular response [link], [link]
conduction of test [link]
as diagnostic tool [link]
exercise protocols [link], [link]
interpretation of [link]
and medication [link]
problems of [link]
prognostic value [link], [link]
risks of [link]
special groups [link]
technical issues [link]
when to stop [link]
heart disease, pregnancy [link]
heart failure [link], [link]
heart rate [link]
heart rhythm [link]
hemiblocks [link]
bundle branch block [link]
left anterior [link]
left posterior [link]
history [link]
hyperkalaemia [link]
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy [link]
left ventricular hypertrophy [link], [link]
mitral regurgitation [link]
mitral stenosis [link]
palpitation [link]
pericardial effusion [link]
pulmonary arterial hypertension [link], [link]
pulmonary embolism [link], [link]
resting 12-lead [link][link]
chest leads [link], [link]
interpretation [link], [link]
lead nomenclature [link]
limb leads [link], [link]
rheumatic fever [link]
right ventricular hypertrophy [link]
syncope [link]
torsades de pointes [link], [link]
ventricular pre-excitation [link]
Mahaim-type [link]
short PR-type [link]
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome [link], [link], [link]
ventricular tachycardia [link], [link]
waveform [link], [link]
P wave [link], [link]
PR interval [link]
QRS complex [link], [link]
QT interval [link]
ST segment [link]
T wave [link], [link]
U wave [link]
see also individual conditions
ECG-gated SPECT [link], [link]
Echinochasmus fujianeusius [link]
Echinochasmus japonicus [link]
Echinochasmus perfoliatus [link]
Echinochasmus recurvatum [link]
Echinococcus granulosus, cystic hydatid disease [link]
Echinostoma cinetorchis [link]
Echinostoma echinatum [link]
Echinostoma hortense [link]
Echinostoma ilocanum [link]
Echinostoma macrorchis [link]
Echinostoma malayanum [link]
Echinostoma melis [link]
Echinostoma revolutum [link]
echinostomiasis [link], [link]
Echis leucogaster, antivenom [link]
Echis ocellatus (carpet viper) [link], [link]
antivenom [link]
Echis pyramidum, antivenom [link]
2D (cross-sectional) [link], [link]
acute respiratory failure [link]
aortic regurgitation [link], [link][link]
aortic stenosis [link], [link]
arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy [link]
cardiac myxoma [link], [link]
dilated cardiomyopathy [link], [link][link]
Doppler [link], [link]
heart failure [link]
history [link]
HIV/AIDS [link]
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy [link], [link]
infective endocarditis [link], [link]
intracardiac [link], [link]
M-mode [link], [link]
mitral regurgitation [link], [link][link]
mitral stenosis [link], [link]
pericardial effusion [link]
portable [link], [link]
pregnancy [link]
pulmonary arterial hypertension [link]
pulmonary embolism [link]
pulmonary fibrosis [link]
stress [link], [link]
angina [link]
transoesophageal [link], [link]
aortic disease [link], [link]
endocarditis [link], [link]
patient selection [link], [link]
thromboembolism [link], [link]
valvular heart disease [link]
transthoracic [link]
abnormal left ventricular function [link], [link]
atrial fibrillation [link], [link]
congenital heart disease [link]
infective endocarditis [link]
left ventricular hypertrophy [link]
pericardial disease [link], [link]
post-stroke/embolism [link], [link]
pulmonary embolism [link]
valvular heart disease [link]
echovirus, clinical features [link]
eclampsia [link], [link], [link]
differential diagnosis [link]
ecological footprint [link], [link], [link]
econazole, fungal infections [link]
economic evaluation [link]
cost minimization [link]
cost-effectiveness analysis [link]
cost-utility analysis [link], [link]
opportunity cost [link]
economics of health [link]
health care [link]
reducing child mortality [link]
screening [link]
adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
poisoning [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
management [link]
Ectobius lapponicus [link]
ectodermal dysplasia/skin fragility syndrome [link]
ectodermal dysplasias [link]
hidrotic [link]
hypohidrotic [link]
keratosis, ichthyosis, deafness syndrome [link]
ectoparasites [link]
ectopia lentis [link][link]
ectopic ACTH syndrome [link], [link], [link]
treatment [link]
eculizumab [link]
paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria [link][link], [link]
eczema herpeticum [link]
eczema [link]
asteatotic [link], [link]
atopic [link], [link]
clinical features [link], [link]
definitions [link]
incidence, prevalence and natural history [link]
pathogenesis [link]
treatment [link], [link]
classification [link], [link]
contact see contact dermatitis
dyshidrotic (pompholyx) [link]
photoaggravation [link]
scalp [link]
seborrhoeic [link]
UV-induced (photodermatitis) [link]
varicose [link]
eczematous reactions, drug-induced [link]
Edge Hill virus [link]
edrophonium, snake bite [link]
education, diabetes mellitus [link]
Edwards’ syndrome [link], [link]
Edwardsiella spp. [link]
Edwardsiella tarda [link]
efalizumab, psoriasis [link]
HIV/AIDS [link], [link]
mode of action [link]
toxicity [link]
effectiveness of drugs [link]
efficacy of drugs [link]
efficiency of drugs [link]
adverse reactions [link]
trypanosomiasis [link], [link][link]
egg allergy [link]
Eggerthella spp. [link]
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome [link], [link], [link], [link][link], [link]
aortic dissection [link]
classification [link]
clinical features [link][link]
clinical genetics [link]
autosomal dominant types [link]
autosomal recessive types [link]
mutations [link]
X-linked type [link]
diagnostic criteria [link]
investigations [link]
molecular pathology [link], [link][link]
types of
arthrochalasis [link]
classical [link]
hypermobile [link]
kyphoscoliosis [link]
vascular [link], [link]
Ehrlich, Paul [link]
Ehrlichia chaffeensis [link], [link]
Ehrilichia spp. [link]
Ehrlichia ewingii [link], [link]
ehrlichioses [link], [link]
bacteriology, taxonomy and genomics [link], [link]
E. ewingii granulocytic [link]
monocytic [link]
Eikenella corrodens [link], [link]
Eikenella spp. [link]
Eisenmenger’s syndrome [link], [link], [link], [link]
clinical findings [link]
investigations [link], [link]
lung transplantation [link]
outcome and complications [link], [link]
pregnancy and contraception [link]
treatment [link]
ejaculation, retrograde [link]
Ekböm’s syndrome see restless legs syndrome
Elapidae [link], [link]
antivenom [link]
elastance, left ventricular [link]
elastase [link]
elastic compression stockings [link]
pain [link]
rheumatoid arthritis [link]
elder abuse [link]
elderly patients see older patients
electroacupuncture [link]
electrocardiogram see ECG
electroconvulsive therapy [link]
electrocution [link]
burns [link]
cardiovascular consequences [link]
epidemiology [link]
mechanisms of [link]
neurological and muscular consequences [link]
presentation [link]
psychological consequences [link]
treatment [link]
electroencephalography [link]
abnormal EEG [link]
epilepsy [link]
indications [link]
method [link], [link]
normal EEG [link]
electrolyte disorders, post-transplant [link]
CKD [link]
Conn’s syndrome [link]
gastrointestinal fluids [link]
hepatocellular failure [link]
management [link]
malaria [link]
poisoned patients [link]
requirements [link], [link]
electromyography [link]
clinical correlations [link], [link], [link][link], [link]
indications [link]
measurements [link], [link]
method [link]
polymyositis/dermato-myositis [link]
electronic patient records [link]
Electrophorus electricus (electric eel) [link]
Electrophorus electricus [link]
electroretinography [link]
elephantiasis [link], [link]
nonfilarial see podoconiosis
eletriptan, migraine [link][link]
elimination diets [link]
Elizabethkingia spp. [link]
elliptocytes [link]
elliptocytosis [link], [link]
hereditary [link]
hereditary spherocytic [link]
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome [link]
mutations in [link]
Ellsworth-Howard test [link]
elretinate, adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
elvitegravir, HIV/AIDS [link]
EMBASE [link]
amniotic fluid [link]
arterial [link]
cholesterol [link]
pulmonary see pulmonary embolism
embryonic stem cells [link]
Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy [link], [link], [link][link]
reproductive effects [link]
emesis, poisoning [link]
Emmonsia crescens [link]
Emmonsia parva [link]
emollients [link], [link]
Empedobacter spp. [link]
emphysema [link], [link], [link], [link]
α‎1-antitrypsin deficiency [link], [link]
bullous [link]
centriacinar [link]
morbidity [link]
periacinar [link]
treatment, bronchoscopy [link], [link]
emphysematous pyelonephritis [link], [link]
employment, diabetes mellitus [link]
empyema, pneumococcal [link]
HIV/AIDS [link]
mode of action [link]
emulsifiers [link]
emulsifying ointment [link]
adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
heart failure [link]
encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis [link]
encephalitis [link]
autoimmune limbic [link], [link]
brainstem [link]
California [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
Eastern equine [link], [link]
enterovirus [link]
granulomatous amoebic [link], [link]
herpes simplex [link], [link], [link][link]
HSV [link]
limbic [link], [link]
measles-related [link]
mumps [link]
Murray Valley [link], [link]
Nipah virus [link], [link], [link]
Bangladesh and India [link]
relapse and late onset [link]
Powassan [link], [link]
presentation [link]
St Louis [link], [link], [link]
tick-borne [link], [link], [link], [link]
varicella [link]
Venezuelan equine [link], [link]
viral [link], [link]
West Nile virus [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
Western equine [link], [link]
Encephalitozoon cuniculi [link], [link]
Encephalitozoon hellem [link]
Encephalitozoon intestinalis [link]
encephalization [link]
encephalomyelitis, acute disseminated [link]
encephalopathy [link]
cognitive impairment [link]
hepatic [link]
clinical features [link], [link][link]
diagnosis [link]
management [link], [link]
hypertensive [link], [link]
hyponatraemic [link]
hypoxia in [link], [link]
risk factors [link]
treatment [link], [link]
endobronchial ultrasound [link], [link]
actinomycotic [link]
bacterial [link], [link]
bartonella [link], [link]
diagnosis [link]
treatment [link]
brucellar [link]
candida [link]
transoesophageal [link], [link]
transthoracic [link]
HIV/AIDS [link], [link]
infective [link]
Liebman-Sachs [link]
pneumococcal [link]
staphylococcal [link], [link][link]
coagulase-negative [link]
endocrine disease [link], [link][link]
anaemia in [link]
CKD [link]
cognitive impairment [link]
drug-induced [link], [link]
adrenal cortex [link]
gonads [link]
gynaecomastia [link]
parathyroid [link]
posterior pituitary [link]
prolactin [link]
thyroid [link]
hepatic involvement [link]
polycythaemia [link]
pregnancy [link]
adrenal [link]
parathyroid disorders [link]
pituitary disorders [link], [link]
thyroid disorders [link], [link]
skin involvement [link]
endocrine system
acidosis [link]
endocrine gland development [link], [link]
in pregnancy [link]
endocytosis [link], [link]
end-of-life (terminal) care [link], [link], [link][link]
heart failure [link]
mercy killing [link]
endogenous repair [link]
Endolimax nana [link]
endolysosomes [link]
endometrial cancer [link]
incidence [link]
migrants vs residents [link]
and polycystic ovary syndrome [link]
endometriosis [link]
endophthalmitis, Candida spp. [link]
endoplasmic reticulum [link]
endoscopic mucosal resection [link]
endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) [link], [link]
acute pancreatitis [link]
benign strictures [link]
gallstones [link]
gastric outlet obstruction [link]
malignant bile duct obstruction [link]
pancreatic tumours [link]
pancreatitis [link]
endoscopic sphincterotomy [link]
endoscopic ultrasound, pancreatic tumours [link]
endoscopy units [link]
endoscopy [link]
development [link]
diagnostic [link]
disinfection [link]
gastro-oesophageal reflux disease [link]
hazards and complications [link]
infection risk [link]
malabsorption [link]
oesophagus [link]
pancreas and biliary tree [link]
small bowel (enteroscopy) [link]
video capsule [link]
therapeutic [link]
assisted nutrition [link]
endoscopic mucosal resection [link]
endoscopic ultrasound [link]
gastrointestinal bleeding [link]
laser therapy [link]
malignant gastro-oesophageal strictures [link]
oesophageal stricture [link]
polyps and mucosal cancers [link]
removal of foreign objects [link]
see also endoscopic
endostatin [link]
endothelial cells [link], [link]
anticoagulant properties [link], [link]
procoagulant properties [link], [link][link]
receptors [link], [link]
role in coagulation [link], [link]
vascular tone [link]
endothelial progenitor cells [link]
endothelial-leucocyte adhesion molecule 1 (ELAM-1) see E-selectin
endothelin receptor antagonists, pulmonary arterial hypertension [link]
endothelin [link], [link], [link]
endothelium, blood vessels see vascular endothelium
endotoxic shock [link]
endotoxin [link], [link]
endotracheal intubation [link], [link], [link]
complications [link]
indications [link]
end-systolic elastance [link]
energy balance, regulation of [link]
energy requirements [link]
in pregnancy [link], [link]
enflurane, adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
HIV/AIDS [link], [link]
toxicity [link]
enkephalins [link]
enoxaparin, pregnancy [link], [link]
Entamoeba chattoni [link]
Entamoeba coli [link]
Entamoeba dispar [link], [link]
Entamoeba gingivalis [link]
Entamoeba hartmanni [link]
Entamoeba histolytica [link][link]
biology and pathogenicity [link]
see also amoebiasis
Entamoeba moshkovskii [link]
Entebbe bat virus [link]
enteral nutrition [link]
access devices [link]
complications [link]
indications for [link]
enteric fever [link]
enteritis necroticans [link]
measles-related [link], [link]
postradiation [link]
Enterobacter spp. [link]
Enterobacteriaceae [link]
community-acquired pneumonia [link]
treatment [link], [link]
enterobiasis [link], [link]
clinical features [link], [link]
diagnosis [link], [link]
epidemiology and control [link]
life cycle [link], [link]
treatment [link]
Enterobius vermicularis [link], [link]
enterococci [link]
antibiotic sensitivity and treatment [link]
infections caused by [link]
Enterococcus avium [link]
Enterococcus casseliflavus [link]
Enterococcus durans [link]
Enterococcus faecalis [link]
antibiotic sensitivity [link]
Enterococcus faecium [link]
Enterococcus spp. [link]
infective endocarditis [link], [link]
osteomyelitis [link]
Enterocytozoon bieneusi [link], [link]
malabsorption [link]
enteroglucagon [link]
inhibition [link]
enteropathy, tropical [link]
enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
pathology [link], [link]
genetics [link]
immunophenotype [link], [link]
precursor lesions [link]
prognosis [link]
enterovirus [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
enteroviruses [link], [link], [link]
clinical features [link], [link]
see also individual viruses and conditions
epidemiology [link]
laboratory diagnosis [link]
genome detection [link]
serology [link]
virus isolation [link]
neonatal infections [link]
pathogenesis [link]
pregnancy [link]
prevention [link]
viruses [link], [link]
enthesitis [link], [link]
entry inhibitors [link]
toxicity [link]
animals [link]
mammals [link]
environmental change [link]
environmental diseases [link]
aerospace medicine [link]
bioterrorism [link]
cold [link]
disasters [link]
diving medicine [link]
drowning [link]
heat [link]
high altitude [link]
lightning and electrical injuries [link]
noise [link]
podoconiosis [link]
radiation [link]
vibration [link]
environmental disruption [link]
environmental factors
autoimmunity [link]
obesity [link]
environmental overload [link]
environmental stress [link]
enzastaurin [link]
enzyme replacement therapy [link]
Fabry’s disease [link]
Gaucher’s disease [link]
mucopolysaccharidoses [link]
activation [link]
inhibition [link]
eosinophilia [link]
diseases associated with [link]
allergic and immunological disorders [link]
endocrine diseases [link]
gastrointestinal diseases [link]
HIV and retroviral infections [link]
infectious diseases [link]
myeloproliferative and neoplastic diseases [link]
pulmonary syndromes [link], [link]
rheumatological diseases [link]
skin and subcutaneous diseases [link]
pulmonary [link]
tropical [link]
eosinophilic fasciitis [link]
eosinophilic gastroenteritis [link]
eosinophilic oesophagitis [link], [link]
eosinophilic pneumonia [link], [link]
acute [link]
with asthma [link]
chronic [link]
diagnosis [link]
treatment [link]
eosinophils [link], [link], [link], [link]
infants and children [link]
ephedra, drug interactions [link]
ephedrine [link]
orthostatic hypotension [link]
ephelides [link]
epicondylitis [link], [link]
epidemics, tracing of [link]
epidermal growth factor receptor [link]
epidermal growth factor [link]
failure of [link]
structure [link], [link], [link]
basement membrane zone [link]
desmosomes [link]
gap junctions [link]
hemidesmosomes [link]
keratins [link]
epidermodysplasia verruciformis [link], [link]
epidermoid cyst [link]
epidermolysis bullosa acquisita [link], [link], [link]
epidermolysis bullosa [link], [link]
diagnosis and management [link]
dystrophic [link]
genetics [link]
hemidesmosomal [link]
junctional [link]
Herlitz [link]
non-Herlitz [link]
simplex [link], [link]
Dowling-Meara [link]
Loebner [link]
Weber-Cockayne [link]
Epidermophyton floccosum [link]
epididymis [link]
chlamydial [link]
mycoplasmal infections [link], [link]
epidural abscess [link], [link]
epidural anaesthesia [link]
epigenetics [link], [link]
epiglottitis [link]
H. influenzae [link], [link]
epilepsia partialis continua [link]
epilepsy [link]
causes [link]
alcohol [link]
cerebrovascular disease [link]
dementia [link]
genetic [link]
idiopathic focal epilepsies [link]
idiopathic generalized epilepsies [link]
infection [link]
malformations of cortical development [link]
metabolic disorders [link]
multiple sclerosis [link]
trauma [link]
tumour [link]
childhood/juvenile absence [link]
classification [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
generalized seizures [link], [link]
partial seizures [link]
cognitive impairment [link], [link]
definitions [link]
differential diagnosis [link]
drop attacks [link]
hyperventilation [link]
migraine [link]
narcolepsy and cataplexy [link]
parasomnias [link]
psychogenic nonepileptic seizures [link]
syncope [link]
transient ischaemic attacks [link]
driving [link]
epidemiology [link]
with febrile seizures [link]
with febrile seizures and absence [link]
genetics [link]
gestational [link]
investigations [link]
EEG [link]
SPECT [link]
juvenile myoclonic [link], [link]
malaria chemoprophylaxis [link]
myoclonic [link]
myoclonic with ragged red fibres (MERFF) [link], [link]
nocturnal frontal lobe [link]
northern [link]
pathophysiology [link]
precipitants [link]
pregnancy [link]
prognosis [link], [link]
progressive myoclonus [link]
psychiatric aspects [link]
pyridoxal-phosphate-dependent [link], [link]
pyridoxine-dependent [link]
specialist nurses and GP’s role [link]
sudden death [link]
syndromes [link]
temporal lobe, reproductive effects [link]
pharmacological see anticonvulsants
surgery [link]
epileptic encephalopathy [link]
epinephrine see adrenaline
EpiPen [link]
epipodophyllotoxins, carcinogenesis [link]
epirubicin, breast cancer [link]
episcleritis, meningococcal [link], [link]
epistasis [link], [link]
hypertension [link]
Episthmium caninum [link]
eplerenone, heart failure [link]
Epstein-Barr virus [link], [link], [link]
and cancer [link]
B-cell tumours [link]
endemic (’African’) Burkitt’s lymphoma [link]
gastric carcinoma [link]
hairy leukoplakia [link]
Hodgkin’s lymphoma [link]
nasopharyngeal [link], [link]
NK-cell lymphoma [link]
salivary gland lymphoepithelioma [link]
smooth-muscle tumours [link]
sporadic Burkitt’s lymphoma [link]
T-cell lymphoma [link]
chronic active [link]
epidemiology [link], [link]
immunosuppressed patients [link], [link], [link]
infectious cycle [link]
infectious mononucleosis [link][link]
oncoproteins [link]
virus-coded proteins [link]
X-linked lymphoproliferative disease [link]
Epworth Sleepiness Scale [link]
Erb’s palsy [link], [link]
Erdheim-Chester disease [link]
erectile dysfunction [link], [link]
ergocalciferol [link]
ergot alkaloids, contraindication in porphyria [link], [link]
ergotamine, migraine [link][link]
erionite, mesothelioma [link]
Eristalis spp. [link]
Eristalis tenax [link]
erlotinib [link], [link]
lung cancer [link]
ertapenem, in renal failure [link]
erucism [link]
Erwinia spp. [link]
erysipelas [link], [link]
Erysipelothrix spp. [link]
erythem migrans [link]
erythema ab igne [link]
erythema annulare centrifugum [link], [link]
erythema gyratum repens [link]
erythema infectiosum [link]
erythema marginatum [link]
erythema migrans [link], [link], [link]
erythema multiforme [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
aetiology [link]
clinical features [link], [link]
course and prognosis [link]
differential diagnosis [link]
HSV [link]
pathology [link]
photoaggravation [link]
treatment [link]
erythema nodosum [link], [link]
Behçet’s disease [link]
annular [link]
migratory [link]
erythrocyte sedimentation rate [link], [link], [link]
erythrocytes see red cells
erythrocytosis [link]
secondary [link], [link]
erythroderma [link]
erythroid precursors [link]
erythroid production, perturbations in [link]
erythroid progenitors [link]
erythrokeratoderma variabilis [link], [link]
erythromelalgia [link]
erythromycin [link]
acne [link]
adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link], [link][link]
animal-related injuries [link]
anthrax [link]
bacillary angiomatosis [link]
bartonellosis [link]
cellulitis, mastitis and pyomyositis [link]
chancroid [link]
chlamydial infections [link]
diphtheria [link]
drug interactions [link]
legionnaire’s disease [link]
listeriosis [link]
Lyme borreliosis [link]
mycoplasmal infections [link], [link]
peliosis hepatis [link]
pertussis [link]
pharmacokinetics [link]
pneumococcal pneumonia [link]
pneumonia [link]
postantibiotic effect [link]
Raynaud’s phenomenon [link]
relapsing fevers [link]
in renal failure [link]
S. moniliformis [link]
S. pyogenes [link]
septic bursitis/arthritis [link]
skin disorders [link]
spectrum of activity [link]
syphilis [link]
erythropoiesis [link], [link], [link], [link]
bone marrow [link]
erythroid compartment [link]
and iron balance [link], [link]
iron deficiency [link]
negative regulation [link]
ontogeny [link]
regulation of [link]
yolk sac [link]
erythropoietic porphyria, congenital [link], [link]
erythropoietin [link], [link], [link]
acquired/congenital defects [link]
hypoxia-inducible regulation [link]
orthostatic hypotension [link]
performance enhancement [link]
signalling, acquired/congenital defects [link]
Escherichia coli [link], [link], [link]
antibiotic sensitivity [link]
enteroaggregative [link]
enterohaemorrhagic [link]
enteroinvasive [link]
enteropathic [link]
enterotoxigenic [link]
osteomyelitis [link]
urinary tract infection [link]
Escherichia spp. [link]
E-selectin [link]
hypertensive emergencies [link]
in renal failure [link]
essential hypertension see hypertension
essential thrombocythaemia [link]
aetiology and pathogenesis [link]
clinical features [link]
diagnostic criteria [link], [link]
epidemiology [link]
future directions [link]
laboratory evaluation [link]
pathobiology [link]
prognosis [link]
risk assessment [link]
treatment [link], [link]
esthiomene [link]
pregnancy [link]
psoriasis [link]
rheumatoid arthritis [link], [link]
Still’s disease [link]
adverse effects, ocular [link]
mycobacterial disease [link]
pregnancy [link]
in renal failure [link]
toxicity [link]
tuberculosis [link]
dose [link]
and hyperuricaemia [link]
lactic acidosis [link]
metabolism [link], [link]
poisoning [link], [link]
reproductive effects [link]
ethical issues
artificial nutrition support [link]
clinical trials [link]
ethics [link]
autonomy [link]
best interests [link]
confidentiality [link]
consent [link]
end of life [link]
ethionamide, pregnancy [link]
drowning accidents [link]
and osteoarthritis [link]
ethnopharmacology [link]
dose levels [link]
epilepsy [link]
serum levels [link]
ethyl ether, adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
ethylene glycol poisoning [link], [link], [link]
antidote [link]
clinical features [link]
ethylene oxide [link]
ethylmalonic encephalopathy [link], [link]
aetiology/pathophysiology [link]
clinical presentation [link], [link]
diagnosis [link]
treatment and outcome [link]
hypercalcaemia [link]
osteoporosis [link]
Paget’s disease [link]
and asthma [link]
rheumatoid arthritis [link]
etoposide [link], [link]
lung cancer [link]
lymphoma [link]
resistance [link]
ankylosing spondylitis [link]
rheumatoid arthritis [link]
etravirine, HIV/AIDS [link], [link]
eubacteria [link]
Eubacterium spp. [link]
euglobulin lysis time [link]
eukaryotes [link], [link]
Eunectes murinus [link]
Eunectes murinus [link]
European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) [link]
Eurotium spp. [link]
Eurytrema pancreaticum [link]
Eustrongylides spp. [link]
evening primrose oil, Raynaud’s phenomenon [link]
Everglades virus [link]
everolimus, transplantation [link], [link]
Evidence Based Mental Health [link]
Evidence-Based Medicine [link]
evidence-based medicine
application of [link]
clinical questions [link], [link]
definition of [link]
diagnostic test results [link], [link][link]
finding answers [link]
history [link]
need for [link]
point of care [link]
treatment studies [link], [link]
evoked potentials [link]
brainstem auditory-evoked potentials [link]
electroretinography [link]
indications [link]
motor-evoked potentials [link], [link]
near-field and far-field responses [link]
somatosensory-evoked potentials [link], [link]
visual-evoked potentials [link], [link]
evolutionary aetiology [link], [link]
evolutionary biology [link]
application of [link]
levels of selection [link]
natural selection and adaptation [link]
research implications [link]
teaching implications [link]
utility of [link]
Ewing’s sarcoma [link]
translocations [link]
Ewing’s tumour of bone [link]
Ewingella spp. [link]
exanthem subitum [link]
coxsackievirus [link], [link]
echovirus [link], [link]
excitation-contraction coupling [link]
excitotoxicity [link]
excretion [link]
active tubular secretion [link]
antimicrobials [link]
drug interactions [link]
glomerular filtration [link]
passive tubular reabsorption [link]
exemestane, breast cancer [link]
exercise ECG testing [link], [link]
angina [link]
cardiovascular response [link], [link]
conduction of test [link]
as diagnostic tool [link]
exercise protocols [link], [link]
bicycle ergometry [link]
Bruce protocol [link]
interpretation of [link]
and medication [link]
problems of [link]
prognostic value [link], [link]
risks of [link]
special groups [link]
technical issues [link]
when to stop [link]
exercise testing [link], [link]
asthma [link]
COPD [link]
coronary artery disease [link]
pregnancy [link]
pulmonary arterial hypertension [link]
exercise training, COPD [link]
cardiac response to [link]
training effects [link]
in diabetes mellitus [link]
in heart failure [link]
and hyperkalaemia [link]
hypertension [link], [link]
in obesity [link]
potassium homeostasis [link]
in pregnancy [link]
exercise-induced anaphylaxis [link]
exertional headache [link]
exfoliative dermatitis [link]
Exiguobacterium spp. [link]
exomphalos [link]
exons [link]
exotoxins, producers of [link]
Expanded Program on Immunization [link], [link]
expedition medicine see travel medicine
expert opinion [link]
expert witnesses [link], [link]
expiration, flow-volume curves [link], [link]
exposure-prone procedures [link]
extracellular matrix [link], [link], [link][link]
extracorporeal circulation [link]
extracorporeal gas exchange [link]
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation [link]
meningitis [link]
extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy [link]
extractable nuclear antigens [link]
extrapulmonary restriction [link]
extrapulmonary tuberculosis [link], [link]
bone and joint [link]
central nervous system [link]
genitourinary [link]
lymphatic [link]
miliary and disseminated [link]
pleural [link]
sites of [link]
tuberculous meningitis [link]
atrial [link], [link]
junctional [link]
ventricular [link], [link]
extrinsic allergic alveolitis [link], [link]
aetiology [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
clinical investigation [link]
diagnostic criteria [link]
environmental exposure [link]
hypersensitivity [link], [link]
pulmonary [link], [link]
differential diagnosis [link], [link]
epidemiology [link]
incidence [link]
prevalence [link]
historical perspective [link]
management [link]
pathogenesis [link]
coeliac disease [link]
immune mechanisms [link], [link][link]
smoking [link]
pathology [link]
prevention [link]
prognosis [link]
extrinsic crystals [link]
Eyach virus [link]
eye disorders [link]
age-related macular degeneration [link]
cataracts see cataracts
diabetes mellitus see diabetic retinopathy
dry eye [link]
glaucoma [link]
hypertension see hypertensive retinopathy
inherited diseases [link], [link]
ischaemia [link]
loss of vision [link], [link]
ocular vascular occlusion [link]
red eye [link], [link]
trachoma see trachoma
trauma [link]
see also under individual conditions
eye movements [link]
nystagmus [link], [link]
saccades [link]
smooth pursuit [link]
eye position [link]
eye [link]
examination [link]
fluorescein angiography [link]
ophthalmoscope [link], [link]
moths and beetles frequenting [link]
pupil see pupil; pupillary
retina see retina; retinal
signs of poisoning [link]
visual fields [link]
ezetimibe, adverse effects, hepatotoxicity [link]
ezrin [link]