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Index: J
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Note: Numbers in italic refer to tables and/or illustrations separate from the text.

Species names for animals, plants, fungi and insects are listed by their Latin names, followed by their common name where appropriate.

Jaccoud’s arthropathy
Sjögren’s syndrome [link], [link]
Jackson-Weiss syndrome, mutations in [link]
JAK3, [link]
Jak-Stat pathways [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
Jamaican vomiting disease [link]
Jamaican vomiting sickness [link]
Jamestown Canyon virus [link], [link]
Janeway lesions, infective endocarditis [link]
Janibacter spp. [link]
Jansen’s metaphyseal chondrodysplasia [link], [link], [link], [link]
hypercalcaemia [link]
mutations in [link]
Jansky-Bielchowsky disease [link]
Janus kinases [link], [link], [link]
Japanese B encephalitis virus [link], [link], [link]
clinical features [link], [link][link]
pregnancy [link]
vaccines [link]
jararhagin [link]
jargon aphasia [link]
Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction [link], [link], [link], [link]
leptospirosis [link]
relapsing fever [link], [link], [link]
syphilis [link], [link]
treatment [link]
Jatropha curcas [link]
jaundice [link]
clinical examination [link]
Habershon’s [link]
hepatocellular [link]
diagnosis [link]
history [link]
in malaria [link], [link]
management [link], [link]
neonatal [link]
postoperative [link]
in pregnancy [link]
see also [link]
JC virus [link], [link]
HIV patients [link], [link]
jejunoileal obstruction [link], [link]
jejunostomy [link]
jejunum, bacterial flora [link]
jellyfish envenoming [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
epidemiology [link]
prevention [link]
treatment [link]
Jervall-Lange-Nielsen syndrome [link], [link]
jet lag [link], [link], [link]
melatonin [link]
Jeune’s disease [link]
JNK [link]
Jod-Basedow phenomenon [link], [link]
Johnsonella spp. [link]
joint infection
anaerobic [link]
Pseudomonas aeruginosa [link]
tuberculosis [link]
joints [link]
in Behçet’s disease [link]
hypermobility [link]
lavage [link]
prevention of destruction [link]
rheumatoid arthritis [link], [link][link]
synovium [link]
josamycin, rickettsioses [link]
Joubert’s syndrome [link], [link][link]
judgement [link]
Jugra virus [link]
jugular venous pulse [link]
junctional extrasystoles [link]
Juquitiba virus [link]
Jutiapa virus [link]
juvenile chronic arthritis
ocular involvement [link]
renal involvement [link]
juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia [link]
juvenile myoclonic epilepsy [link], [link]
juvenile nephronophthisis [link]
juvenile polyposis [link], [link]
juvenile xanthogranuloma [link]
management [link]
juxtaglomerular apparatus [link], [link]