War and Medicine

War and medicine have had a long and complex relationship. We take a look at some of the medical advances driven by war, and the health impacts of war today. Explore our range of resources from the best of Oxford University Press’s publishing. We have free chapters and articles for you, as well as videos, interactive images, and an infographic.

Oxford's Medical Publishing: 1914-2015

Oxford University Press has a long history of medical publishing. This video examines that history, from the Oxford War Primers designed to provide help to medics in the First World War, to Oxford Medicine Online.

 Free chapters, blog posts, and articles

War: a legacy of innovation and trauma
Explore our Thinglink on the medical consequences of war. Read about radiology and prosthetics, just two of the fields that have seen innovative practices develop in response to the trauma of war, and learn more about the impact chemical warfare and torture are having on modern conflicts.

Free articles from Oxford University Press's medical journals

·        Napoleon's army and lice, The Journal of Infectious Diseases

         Acute post-traumatic stress symptoms and age predict outcome in military blast concussion, Brain

Consequences of captivity: health effects of far East imprisonment in World War II, QJM Epidemiologic Approaches to Veterans’ Health, Epidemiologic Reviews Measles Epidemics of Variable Lethality in the Early 20th Century, American Journal of Epidemiology

Access to healthcare in Afghanistan – International Health


The public health impact of war – an infographic 

In 2010 war and collective violence caused more than 17,000 deaths worldwide. But the effect on public health goes beyond the number of casualties. Learn more about the impact of war on public health with our infographic.

Women at War

In this series of videos, Dr Ritchie discusses women’s role in the military and some of the challenges and health issues they face: