A Focus On: World Heart Day

World Heart Day – 29th September 2012
Women, Children and Heart Disease

Oxford Medicine Online contains a wealth of content relevant to those working in this field, with nearly 900 chapters of cardiology-related content. Coverage takes in many perspectives, from the Consultant to the Cardiac Nurse.

This year’s focus is on heart disease, women and children. Oxford Medicine Online has many useful resources for medical professionals in this area, ranging from links to resources for patients and GPs, to health-promotion advice for prevention and rehabilitation, and from analysis of the key clinical evidence in cardiology through to video imaging of congenital heart conditions.

Aung Myat, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology at St Thomas’s Hospital uses the resource ‘on a daily basis to refresh knowledge in specific areas and to help deal with complex clinical scenarios.' He says 'I cannot praise the educational experience enough’.

Find out more about World Heart Day at www.world-heart-federation.org

Image of Heart

Eisenmenger PDA. 3D reconstruction from multi-slice CT scan demonstrating a PDA (arrow) in a 36-year-old woman with Eisenmenger syndrome. AA, ascending aorta; DA, descending aorta; LPA and mPA, left and main pulmonary artery. Image taken from: Non-invasive imaging. In: OSH Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Sara Thorne, Paul Clift, Eds). Publisher: Oxford University Press. DOI:10.1093/med/9780199228188.001.0001. © OUP, 2009.