New Releases August 2018

August 30, 2018

August 2018 - New Releases


Title Editor/Author Print ISBN
Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine Davey 9780199568741
ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development Perez 9780198757269
Oxford Desk Reference: Endocrinology Turner, Eastell and Grossman 9780199672837
Pain and Prescription Drug Diversion Peppin, John 9780199981830
Body Image Care for Cancer Patients Fingeret, Michelle 9780190655617
Child and Adolescent Anxiety Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Preter, Sabina E. 9780190877712
Introduction to Intra-Operative and Surgical Radiography Hughes 9780198813170
Oxford Textbook of Psoriatic Arthritis Gladman, Fitzgerald 9780198737582
Health Humanities in Postgraduate Medical Education Peterkin, Allan 9780190849900
Interventional and Endovascular Tips and Tricks of the Trade Kahn 9780199986071
Critical Thinking in Clinical Research Fregni, Felipe 9780199324491
Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy Wilson, John W 9780190696924
Fetal Cardiology Archer 9780198766520