A timeline on historical major incidents

December 6, 2017


Major incidents are defined as any incident ‘that requires the mobilisation and use of extraordinary resources’; with the NHS further expanding the definition of such events as ‘any incident where the location, number, severity, or type of live casualties requires extraordinary resources’. There have been many major incidents throughout history that have required an ‘extraordinary’ response by emergency services, medical personnel, and government bodies. Whilst this definition may seem strict, the variety in such incidents is wide: from health epidemics, and natural disasters, to manmade events, with each requiring a complex and often changing response to help those affected.  


Our timeline explores the variety of major medical incidences that have occurred globally and the immediate response to them by emergency services. 



The Oxford Manual of Major Incident Management by Paul Hunt and Ian Greaves (2017) is now available on Oxford Medicine Online.  


A version of this post was first published on the OUPblog.