News for October, 2017

OCTOBER 31, 2017

New Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Title

Bringing together experts in many different perspectives on OCD, to encourage cross-disciplinary understanding, research, and advances in clinical care with new title Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: Phenomenology, Pathophysiology, and Treatment now available online.

OCTOBER 27, 2017

New Oxford Desk Reference

New Oxford Desk Reference, Clinical Genetics and Genomics, is now available on Oxford Medicine Online, and includes many common-sense approaches, useful standards and definitions, suggestions for appropriate testing, and excellent references on clinical genetics and genomics.

OCTOBER 24, 2017

New study on cost-effectiveness of HIV drug

A recent study concludes that making Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) freely available for men who have sex with men could create significant savings for the NHS. Read more.

OCTOBER 20, 2017

'Post-antibiotic apocalypse'

 Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer, has urged world leaders to respond to the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance, warning there may be a “post-antibiotic apocalypse”. Read more about antibiotic resistance.

OCTOBER 18, 2017

New Oxford Medicine titles

Read new and updated titles now available on Oxford Medicine Online, including 50 Studies Every Surgeon Should KnowEnvironmental Health Science, and Physical Health and SchizophreniaLearn more.

OCTOBER 16, 2017

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet

With an increased risk of Lyme Disease, the bacterial infection spread through tick bites, learn more from some of the best resources on Oxford Medicine Online collated into a Lyme Disease fact sheet.

OCTOBER 12, 2017

Free chapters from Medical Ethics reading list

This year marks 70 years since the conclusion of the Doctors' Trial at Nuremburg, an important milestone in the development of bioethics, which considers ethical practices for dealing with experiments and research involving human subjects. Read free chapters on the ethics of human research through our specially-curated reading list.

OCTOBER 9, 2017

‘Universal’ Flu Jab

Researchers may have finally cracked the code for a “universal” flu jab. Read more about the deadly pandemic that galvanised the global medical community to work towards this goal, and other lessons from the last 20 years in healthcare.

OCTOBER 3, 2017

New and updated titles now available

Nine new and updated titles now available on Oxford Medicine Online, including the Oxford Textbook of Neuro-Oncology, Tropical Medicine Notebook, and the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. Learn more.

OCTOBER 1, 2017

Free chapter from the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis

Read free chapter on Making the diagnostic process evidence-based which covers evidence-based diagnosis and decisions to analysing clinical trials to ‘stratify’ diagnostic and treatment criteria to reasoning with hypotheses and much more.