Introducing ESC CardioMed


A new, ground-breaking digital product, ESC CardioMed, is now available on Oxford Medicine Online, published in partnership with the European Society of Cardiology. 


ESC CardioMed is a vast, encyclopaedic online resource with a wealth of in-depth, peer-reviewed articles, spanning the full spectrum of cardiovascular medicine. It will enrich reference publishing in this specialty, connecting the cardiology community with a digital, forward-thinking resource that enables practitioners to quickly locate authoritative, up-to-date treatments of all aspects of cardiology. 



A Note from the Editors' Preface


The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine first appeared in 2006. A second edition was published in 2009. Although there were digital versions of both of these editions allowing them to be viewed online, the texts were designed for traditional print books. For some years we have been planning the third edition of the ‘textbook’ with the objective of producing primarily an online resource. With this vision, ESC CardioMed was born, and has been completed due to the unflinching and devoted activity from all our contributors. 


The relationship between ESC CardioMed and the ESC Guidelines is a fundamental aspect of the design. It was clear that the guidelines were becoming long and unwieldy, and that ESC CardioMed should include the whole of the evidence base on which to build the guidelines, meaning that the evidence base need not be repeated in the guidelines document itself to allow for easier reading. Three sections relating to the relevant ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines are currently free-to-view in ESC CardioMed, written by the corresponding Guidelines Task Forces:
Valvular Heart Disease
Peripheral Arterial Diseases 


In the future, each Guidelines Task Force will be asked to ensure that the corresponding ESC CardioMed section and/or its chapters are bang up-to-date, suitable for explaining the evidence base for the guidelines. As they are updated, these sections will also be made available free-to-view.


Each chapter is richly illustrated by using multiple tables, videos, and animations, among other engaging content. More illustrations and especially videos and animation will be progressively introduced over the next year or two. ESC CardioMed will remain as a ‘work in progress’ - this is a living project.


The authors, coordinators, and editors all wish that our readers will use ESC CardioMed to find the best way to manage their patients with cardiovascular disease.”

A. John Camm, Thomas F. Lüscher, Gerald Maurer, and Patrick W. Serruys

ESC CardioMed will be a membership benefit for ESC Fellows and ESC Professional Members. Individual subscriptions to ESC CardioMed are also available to purchase via the Oxford University Press website.

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