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A Focus on Cancer Care













Image: CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay.


What do these three people have in common: Lemmy Kilmister (musician, Motörhead, aged 70), David Bowie (musician, artist, icon, aged 69), and Alan Rickman (actor, aged 69)? The tragic answer is that they all died prematurely of cancer since this article was commissioned just two weeks ago.


Currently 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide every year. The disease does not discriminate – it can affect anyone. The reality is that most people know someone who is dealing with cancer right now.


Due to the global prevalence of cancer, the Union for International Cancer Control hold an annual World Cancer Day (www.worldcancerday.org). The key aims of World Cancer Day focus on sharing knowledge, promoting education, increasing awareness and inspiring change,  all of which fit perfectly with the core values of OUP's publishing in oncology and palliative care.


OUP is proud to publish outstanding international content by both distinguished and upcoming authors in the field of cancer care, with the aim of enabling clinicians, nurses, and carers to excel in their treatment and support of patients. At the centre of OUP's publishing in this area, sits the new edition of the Oxford Textbook of Oncology. The treatment of cancer has become an increasingly multidisciplinary challenge, so from the outset the editors of this project were keen to emphasise the role of the whole multidisciplinary team and involve a breadth of knowledge that demonstrates the increasingly global approach to managing and treating cancer.


Fortunately advances in cancer treatment develop at a rapid pace, and new techniques have led to important series such as Peter Hoskin's Radiotherapy in Practice. Equally, pharmaceutical treatment continues to evolve and in response titles such as Drugs in Cancer Care provide a comprehensive formulary of common and less commonly used oncology drugs and drug groups.


Not all cancer journeys result in patients being given the ‘all clear’, but the work started by pioneers such as Dame Cicely Saunders, Professor Derek Doyle and Professor Geoff Hanks continue to lead to improvements in the management of end of life care. The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine, now in its fifth edition, remains the definitive guide to the field, and forthcoming texts such as the new edition of The Syringe Driver provide quick and indispensable information for the day-to day treatment of patients.  


Hopefully in the future, the cancer code will be cracked, personalised cancer medicines will become common place, and treatment will become more akin to taking a preventative aspirin each day. Until that time, OUP will continue to publish high quality, up-to-date content for the incredible healthcare professionals and carers who support those people diagnosed with cancer.


Nicola Wilson, Senior Commissioning Editor, Medical Books



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